JAN 18 2021


The agency takes another step forward in the consolidation of its strategic consulting services with the help of a new “Big Data Insights” tool that can provide intelligent and accurate information about consumers in real time.

M&CSAATCHI SPAIN begins the new year presenting a new Big Data tool that will enable brands to know their clients more thoroughly. Thanks to SUPER-SMALL-DATA, companies will be able to access large amounts of information in just one interface and, above all, understand and make the most of these data.

In the current social distancing and isolation context generated by the COVID-19, important changes have taken place in society, changing the consumption, socialization and work patterns, among others. In view of this new normality, data have become, even more so, a key factor for companies and entities to better understand their users and have greater solvency when they make decisions.

The new M&CSAATCHI platform provides all types of companies and institutions with access to an innovative tool, with great capacity of analysis, so that all the strategy, creativity, business and communication decisions can be fed with real and accurate data from consumers. Its greater contribution is to show in just one interface multiple data from different origins, which reflect a population sample close to 20%. This enables us to analyze the complete Consumer Journey: brand affinity, users’ interest, frequency of visits to proprietary stores and those of the competition, travel routes, consumption patterns… the possibilities are as varied as the needs the client might have.

SUPER-SMALL-DATA combines M&CSAATCHI’s strategic and business capacity with the support of LOGAN, a company specialized in Big Data and mobile marketing. Thanks to this collaboration, the tool is mainly fed with mobile data, as well as with other third-party sources of information, such as telecommunications operators, applications, advertising networks, or software companies. In this sense, geo-localization is one of the main factors used to obtain important conclusions about offline behaviors, such as routines, habits, etc., through the definition of behavioral patterns. These variables are combined with other qualitative or declarative data from users.

In all, the platform integrates over 100 sources, both online and offline, and makes them visible in a powerful interface with different information about groups of audiences selected in real time and according to the business rules previously set forth for each process; isolating the information to obtain one thorough image of interest. The definition of these consultation partners is a decisive process both for the optimal use of SUPER-SMALL-DATA and for the subsequent analysis of data.

In order to guarantee the representation of the results, this intake of data applies methods for cleaning records and detecting fraud with a combination of deterministic techniques, of artificial intelligence and machine  learning, enabling to reach highly accurate conclusions. The tool does not collect or use any personal identification information; therefore, thorough protocols to ensure the privacy of the users are fulfilled.

As Andrés Martínez, CEO and Executive Creative Director of M&CSAATCHI said, “It is about passing from BIG DATA – which provides a huge amount of information difficult to absorb and incorporate to the marketing strategy, to SMALL DATA: concrete, contextualized data, in real time, and above all, delimited to each company and situation. Thanks to the insights the platform allows us to extract, our clients can base their strategies on real data focused on increasing their sales, identifying business opportunities, opening new branches, better understanding the competition, anticipating results, and in general, growing in the best possible way, managing to become relevant for each of their audiences.”


With the launch of this instrument, M&CSAATCHI takes a step forward in its growth strategy, reinforcing the value proposition in Digital innovation that started a little over a year ago. The company currently offers different consulting services related to this tool; this enables us to adapt to the needs of all types of companies and institutions.

“We are convinced that SUPER-SMALL-DATA is the key for public entities and companies from all industries to get to know in depth the most important audiences in the development of their activities”, says Milton Nieves, VP Director of Digital Innovation of M&CSAATCHI.


Among its many other uses, SUPER-SMALL-DATA allows to collect information about the users who were exposed to an Out of Home (OOH) campaign to measure the impact of these offline media in the visits recorded at a point of sale. It can also help to determine which store or area is the best one for the launch of a new product or promotion in accordance with the target and consumption patterns.

The possibilities of SUPER-SMALL-DATA are practically endless if the adequate criteria are applied when selecting the data and conducting the subsequent analysis.


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