Ready to look

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Campaign for the reactivation of the private hospital activity of the Vithas group after the Covid-19 health crisis.

Ready to look after you



After the reopening of the Vithas private hospitals once the state of alert ended, citizens still felt apprehensive about going to the doctor out of fear they might get infected. This situation worsened the health condition of people who had urgent problems, given the lack of medical attention caused by not going to a hospital in time to receive adequate treatment.



Becoming the first option for citizens when it comes to going to the doctor.



In order to overcome the fear barrier of citizens when they needed to go to a hospital, we used the credibility of Vithas’ healthcare professionals so that they would send a message of comfort and safety to the population.

Through the different campaign pieces, we wanted to show the work of Vithas group and their professionals to ensure the complete safety of all the people who attend their centers, whether they are patients, relatives and, of course, the healthcare staff.

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